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School software India
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School software India
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Distance learning software Singapore    


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About Us

Webguru-21CC is a new-age learning environment India that unifies the campus digitally by connecting the student, teacher, parent, alumni and administrator via the internet.

By facilitating real time access to information, knowledge sharing, and numerous modes of interaction between the student, teacher, parent, alumni and administrator, Webguru-21CC can certainly put the learning practices at your institute at par with the best in the world.

Join us in the Webguru-Revolution to differentiate your institute and to transition into a 21st century learning center par-excellence!

Experience plus Dynamism

Team Serosoft is enriched by the right mix of experience, enterprise and enthusiasm, with extensive knowledge across technology and business domains.

The management team includes:

  Ashok Badjatiya (Chief Patron & Chairman, Hindustan Group)
An industrialist par-excellence
Over 35 years of diverse entrepreneurial experience
A man of vision, planning and execution
B.E., M.S.(USA), DBM
  Arpit Badjatya (CEO)
Distance learning software India
BS (Chemical Engg.) from Purdue University, USA
MBA from the Indian Institute of Management at Calcutta
Prior to Serosoft, gained valuable experience at Accenture India as a business consultant and at JP Morgan London as an investment banker
  Siddharth Badjatiya (COO)
Distance learning software India
BE (Comp. Engg.) from SGSITS, Indore
MS (Comp. Sc.) from Univ. of Southern California, Los Angeles
Gained experience of designing and developing cutting edge software while working with Goldman Sachs, New York  
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